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Someone suggest me, wheather I cropped any image (10 to 20 % of image part). It can be work?

Actually I have do this and noticed that it's not working. I used same image and upload the same in site and generate story board. But still not working.. Or something wrong my side... pl. suggest!



Hi there!

I tried out your image and even though it's not a good image it could still be recognized and tracked, so your problem might be somewhere else.

How did you create your image? Target management tool or Studio?



Thanks for update.... I have rectify the same from my end and now its working..

I what to ask one think regarding this, If first time image (any) work perfectly, but we placed same images in book but its flip on it. So, question is, it would be work or not? for nytra...


1) Image must be work if it's match approximately 30-40%

2) Image must be work even flip condition also

3) Image must be work if crop some part...

Waiting for response..


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