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Multiple image recognition

Multiple image recognition


I have used wikitude  sample app for google glass.Its great I must say that.But I am facing a problem in your image recognition application.Actually I am building app for google glass linking  your multiple image recognition app to my ticket app.My requirement is once I show an overlay on my tracker I need to pass a flag variable to my AbstractCamActivity confirming the that the image is being overlayed and depending upon what image was overlayed I can call different activities in my ticket app.

Actually your tracking code is in JS and HTML ...but I need to pass flag variables from imagerecognition.js to my activity in java which can tell me what image was recognized and depending on that I can proceed further..


Please help me...Its really urgent...




There are several posts already in the forum dealing with this. Here is one example, it describes what you have to do in native Android to receive calls from JavaScript.


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