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Beginning of my own project

Beginning of my own project

Hi Florian,

As for details on how to use putExtra, please have a look at the Android reference. Additionally I found this stackoverflow thread which deals with this topic. As for the strucutre of your application - you're totally free to create the app based on your requirements. The sample app is just a sample. But of course you can also use design patterns of the sample.



Hello Wikitude Staff,

I'm currently using the Wikitude SDK for a project, but I'm new with it.
I tested the samples, and I have read some post on the forum.

My question is about the initialization of my project (I need the POIs with the radar and distance). I'm using the sample but I don't really think that is the good way to use the SDK.

  arButton.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
   public void onClick(View v) {
    final Intent intent = new Intent(HomePage.this, SampleCamHandlePoiDetailActivity.class);

      "My world");
    intent.putExtra(EXTRAS_KEY_ACTIVITY_ARCHITECT_WORLD_URL, "samples"
      + File.separator + "5_Browsing$Pois_5_Native$Detail$Screen"
      + File.separator + "index.html");



I don't really understand how the "putExtra" works, except that it parse the assets.

How can I use the SDK to call my own asset ? Is it the good thing to use the exact same architecture of the sample ?

Thank you !
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