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Test doesn't work

Test doesn't work

I have created a preview and tried to check it out, but when scaning it doesnt recognize the image or other problem but doesnt do anything (the demo show cases did work).

Any hint?

(Android version).

UPDATE: Seeing the dashboard I recongnized it is identifying scans/view (whats the difference) but in the app none of the augmented fields appear.

Hi Louis,

There might be different reasons that the image is not recognized properly:

- target image is not very good structured in order to provide fast recognition - You could send me your picture and I can have a look at it. Generally with 3 orange stars the image should be good for recognition and tracking. Please also have a look at the 'best practices for image targets' guide, which helps you create good target images
- network speed not sufficient. If the content created has to be downloaded via the network, if the speed is not very good, it might take longer to download
- Phone not supported properly - phones with lower power might have a hard time. You can find a list with details on supported devices here. We are currently working on our next SDK release which includes performance improvements also for low-end devices
- Size of the target image - distance to target image too large - if eg. you're very far away from the target image and the image itself is then only displayed in very small area of the camera the recognition might be hard.

If the problem persists, please let us know.


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