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Crash when loading special .wt3 file (ios)

Crash when loading special .wt3 file (ios)

Hi ~

I'm new to Wikitude ...

I develope on Xcode6 and use Wikitude SDK 4.0.2

I using Wikitude 3d Encoder convert some .fbx files to .wt3 and loading on IOS app

Everything is loadding well ... except one file cause app crash

(crash file) :

(working file):

have any suggestion on this question ?

Thanks a lot !!!!!!




Thank you for your post. I can reproduce the issue and put it on our list since this is not an intended behaviour.

As described in our documentation when working with joints/bones you should create one root node (root joint/bone) which is a parent for all joints/bones of your model. Try this for your model then it should work.

Hope that helps,
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