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Showing Device Not Supported on a different AR Scene

Showing Device Not Supported on a different AR Scene


I have multiple AR Scenes in my app. However, on the recent AR Scene I made, it shows in the Eclipse Logcat that the device is not supported. I am using this device. In the previous AR Scenes that I made, the phone will load the scene, however, this time it won't. All of this AR Scenes are in one app.

I don't know this device, and the specification is not very clear, for example: it doesn't say if the device has a magnetometer.

Anyway, I need some more information:
- are you using the Wikitude SDK directly or through some plugin (PhoneGap / Appcelerator...)?
- which version of our SDK are you using? If it's a 4.0.x version, try updating to the latest 4.0.2, maybe your problem is already fixed.
- can you post the log from your application?
- are you experiencing the same problem with the SDK sample application?
- Try calling ArchitectView.getSupportedARModeForDevice() from your application, the result of this function can tell you which AR Mode is available on your device. If it's only ARMode.IR, then your device can only use image recognition, and not geolocation.

Hi Gabrielle,

I am using PhoneGap.

I am using SDK 3.3

10-15 18:58:33.296: I/Web Console(11280): device not supported at file:///android_asset/www/assets/js/app/AR.js:157

The SDK sample app is also not running.

I have this code: = false; , so I only use image recognition.


The error message comes from the source code of your AR world, I don't know exactly what's happening, but I guess this device does not support IR mode, and you get the "not supported" event when you try starting the AR View.

Without knowing the device specification in detail, there are many possible reasons for that, and I would suggest that you try running the sample application of SDK Version 4.0.2. If it works, then it could mean that your device has an Intel CPU (which is not fully supported in SDK version prior to 4.0).
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