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AR Geo Not working in Samsung S3 and HTC Desire

AR Geo Not working in Samsung S3 and HTC Desire

Hi all,

Very recently, I published an app on the Google play store on behalf of my client.

But we received tonnes of negative feedback on quite a number of device not being able to play with AR Geo world properly.
The AR world loaded fine, because Samsung S3 and HTC Desire has the compass sensor required for the Geo AR to work properly.

However, when user turn the device in different direction as any user who has AR experience before would, the AR world won't rotate with his/her phone's orientation. The radar shown no motion as well, a sign that direction is not registered.

This has perplexed me as to why it doesn't work since it's on the supported list.

Thanks for your time.


sometimes the compass needs to be calibrated, and its accuracy can be influenced by other object in its vicinity. You can define a SensorAccuracyChangeListener (an example is in the SDK sample application) to detect these problems, and inform the user about it.

Could you also verify if the wikitude app has problems on the same device?


We actually had bought an S3 just to verify client's claim.
Now, the wikitude app works like charm. No problem.

The radar also isn't showing up in S3.

You mention about SensorAccuracyChangeListener, can you be so kind to point me to the right place so that I can begin the debugging?


Just to clarify, that we are using android phonegap version. How do I check for this SensorAccuracyChangeListener?

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