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3D animated augmented Reality & video integration

3D animated augmented Reality & video integration

Hi all,

This is my first post here, I am an engineering student and I am passionnate with AR, my intern is about AR, my task is to develop an app for mobile, mounted on google cardboard, allowing to display 3D animated object with tracking of course.. So first, is it possible to integrate an animated 3D model in wikitude?
Second, (and the most important question), is it possible to intagrate a video containing transparency? (RGB+Aplpha)

Thank you and sorry if this question is already asked!

Hi Jihed,

Yes, both of your requirements are possible with our SDK. For the animated 3D models please have a look here. Detail on transparent videos can be found here.



Thanks a lot Nicola! But does it play some complex animation smoothly in real time? (let's say a human 3D model)
I will try this and let you know if there is any issue :)
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