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View Sobipro-Joomla entries in Wikitude

View Sobipro-Joomla entries in Wikitude
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we have made a component named as FastAR that exports data from the Joomla content management system, and specifically from Sobipro 1.1 to Wikitude


The current version 0.3.3 features Location based AR with these characteristics


 1. Filtering of results. 

 2. Url for connecting with the entry in the Sobipro web page.

 3. Deeplinking with a GooglePlay or an AppStore package (if exists).


It is provided free in:


We are also looking for expanding it for other components apart from sobipro.

We are looking forward to receive your opinion about it in:




Best regards,

Dimitrios Ververidis


Post-doctoral Researcher,

Information Technologies Institute, ITI-CERTH, 

Multimedia Knowledge and Social Media Analytics Laboratory

Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece 

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