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Knowing image found from the collection

Knowing image found from the collection

Can someone please tell if there is a way to find which image (or its index number), out of the collection, was the found match?

We are looking for a way to code, using Wikitude SDK, in which we can decide on runtime, which video to play based upon which image was scanned from print media.

So if we upload our videos and the .wtc file on a server, and a mapping between then using a configuration file (may be XML), we shall be able to find out dynamically which video to be played if we can find out which image was the match.

That will help us make out Mobile App very light and will not need to send too many app updates, given our business will be publishing new campaigns very frequently.

Hi there!

The Trackable2dObject provides means to get the currently recognized targetName in it's onEnterFieldOfVision-trigger.

Please refer to:

for detailed information.

Hope this helps.


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