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Q: Use of front facing (selfie) camera?

Q: Use of front facing (selfie) camera?

Hi Adam!
Currently the Wikitude SDK doesn't provide access to the front facing camera but because several other customers requested this feature as well, we're currently investigating the changes that we have to make in order to support the front facing camera. Chances are high that we will add support for the front facing camera with our 4.1 update that is scheduled for early october. We can inform you once we have more detailed information.

Best regards


I'm not quite ready for AR, but the features offered, especially the ability to render in HTML over the top of the Camera, is precisely what I'm after! Is there any way to use this framework in such a way, that is, use the front-facing camera?

If this isn't possible, I'd be most grateful for a tip on an alternative.

Thanks in advance!

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