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Wikitude+Phonegap Post data to MySQL

Wikitude+Phonegap Post data to MySQL

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to send/post  some data which I have captures and alerted after a image is recognised(in the word, to a  php url so that I could store it in a MySQL database. I have tried to use Ajax Post and XMLHttpRequest but neither of them work wthing the world view. 

I have tried the code in a seperate js file(non wikitude) withing the app  and it works fine.  


Is there anyway that I could send the data captures to a php file withing the wikitude world view?

or store the data locally so that I could send it from another non wikitude file?


Everything else works fine , I am using the example SimpleVideo project. 

Any help,advice would be much appreciated.




Hi Alma,

Have you ever tried running your world in the Wikitude ADE? This gives you better tools for debugging.

You can send HTTP requests to servers using AJAX in your JavaScript code. However (as with all AJAX requests), you need to setup the server to allow the request from JavaScript and a different domain. This is called Cross Domain Scripting, a detailled explanation (and how to resolve the issue) can be found here.


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