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Multiple 3D WT3 on on Tracker

Multiple 3D WT3 on on Tracker



I would like to link multiple WT3 with one tracker WTC. Can you tell how this is possible?

The createAppearingAnimation allow only one model to appear?!


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Hi Fadi,

As you can read from the Trackable2DObject reference, the property is of type array ( Drawable), so you can pass several AR.Model drawables to your Trackable2DObject. 

a full example would be:

var model_1 = new AR.Model(...);
var model_2 = new AR.Model(...);
var model_3 = new AR.Model(...);


var trackable = new AR.Trackable2DObject(*your tracker*, *which image target*, {
    drawables: {


The 'createAppearingAnimation' function is just for this specific example and only serves as a example. You should only use the examples as a reference how to work with the Wikitude SDK but then impl. your own functions that are more suited for your specific use case.


Best regards


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