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Support to scan QR code and Bar code.

Support to scan QR code and Bar code.


Need to know, whether any extended support available with the wikitude SDK, to scan QR codes and bar codes.



KiranKumar MP.


Thanks for your response.

As you mentioned it as currently unavailable,

Is there any future plans to have that feature in wikitude SDK?



KiranKumar MP.

Hi again!

Yes, there are plans but I can't provide a release date yet. Unfortunately it will not be in 2o14.

Kind regards


I also use third-party bar code scanner plug-ins.

But still looking forward the update for wikitude with barcode scanning.

Hi .. I have tried what you suggested using ZXing barcode scanner. It works, almost !.  In my case the scanner needs to be launched in the middle of the application process. So initially the architect view is launched, and two steps down the line, i need to launch the ZXing barcode scanner. I am able to launch it, but it immediately crashes saing "Sorry, the android camera encountered a problem"

Upon further troubleshooting I found that it is crashing as camera is still in use by the architectview.  If i forcefully distroy the architect view before launching the ZXing scanner, it all works fine. But then I have to initialize it again once the barcode is scanned. This is adding more delay and overall user experience is not friendly. 

Do you have any other recommendations where in I do not have to kill the zrchitectview, but still release the camera for ZXing barcode scanner to use and then reconnect to the camera after "onResume" is called ?




Never mind !  I posted it little too early. After adding 

protected void onPause() {





I was able to get this to work..




Hi there!

Current Wikitude SDK 4.x does not come with integrated QR/bar-code scan functionality.
You may e.g. use open source projects like zxing to add this functionality to your app. That way you can e.g. let user scan a QR code and launch an AR experience right afterwards.
If you plan to e.g. augment  a magazine page you can use our image-recognition to achieve that, even without space consuming QR codes. Check out SDK Samples app (part of Wikitude SDK) for more details.

Kind regards,

PS.: Check out Wikitude SDK 5.0 features

I see that Wikitude SDK 5.0 includes barcode scanning example Zxing scanner as a plugin with Architect View.  I was able to run the demo apps and works good. Does it also support scanning multiple barcodes in the same camera view / frame ?



Hi Abhay,
As an example for the Wikitude SDK 5.x plugin API, we have written a plugin that uses libzbar. You would need to change our plugin implementation in order to use multiple detected barcodes (around BarcodePlugin.cpp line 49).

Otherwise please refer to the documentation of libzbar or use any other image processing library that supports barcode scanning.

Best regards

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