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AR app to do step by step instructions

AR app to do step by step instructions

I'm looking for a way to create a (most likely) phone app that gives the user step by step instructions on how to create an object.  Like, if I wanted to teach someone how to make a paper airplane and overlay the instructions on the piece of paper.  Would the only way to do this be to take pictures at every step and add them as targets?  If this isn't supported by Wikitude, are there future plans for this type of thing or recommendations for other software that can do this?  

Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jane,

That depends a lot on what you actually want to do and what the workflow for such an app yould be.

In general, the Wikitude SDK helps you in creating AR content overlaid on top of physical objects. You do not have to take pictures at every step, you need to have images that are then scanned by the device. I could imagine several dedicated images that represent each step of the to-do list. When the user scans one of these images, you display the appropriate explanation for the particular step.

You can check our showcase page to get more details on what others have done with the Wikitude SDK and/or Wikitude Studio, our content management system that allows you to create AR experiences without any programming skills.


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