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uncaught module {my module} not found

uncaught module {my module} not found


Have recently tried my hands at creating a plugin using the cordova CLI 3.5.1.

The plugin was created and added to a project.  However, on execution and trying to create a instance of the plugin I am recieving the following error

uncaught module my_module not found.



    ?   .fetch.json

    ?   plugin.xml




    ?   ????android

    ?       ?

    ?       ?

    ?       ????libs

    ?               wikitudesdk.jar






Attaching the two plugin.xml and HttpRequestPlugin.js for suggestions if anything is wrong.

Also using the following code for creation of the instance.

var httpRequestPlugin = cordova.require("com.northgate.cordova.plugins.HttpRequestPlugin.HttpRequestPlugin");


This line itself throws the error as mentioned above.

Hi, this seems to be a general phonegap problem, not related to the Wikitude SDK plugin.

You could try searching the PhoneGap developer portal for more information:


However, Wikitude being a widely used plugin, thought that the developer team @ wikitude could help.

Anyways, thanks for the assistance.


The solution to the problem can be found at the following link
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