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Demo World Heli

Demo World Heli

Hello i want to do something like the Demo world heli, so my question is if in any place of the documentation exists the example completely or anyone can send me the code.

I want to show different points in the same image and for one circle show a video, image in 3D or normal image.


Hi Sergio,

Unfortunately, we don't have the complete Heli example as an example application, but you can refer to the examples application that comes with the SDK package, there are tutorials how to place Labels, Videos and Images on a target.

In case you don't want to write the code yourself, I suggest you use the Wikitude Studio (, an application similar to the Heli application can be created without any programming, just by using the Wikitude Studio drag-and-drop interface.



Ok Martin, I understand, now i'm working in that. 

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