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iOS Camera resolution

iOS Camera resolution

Hi everyone,

I'm currently developing my first app with Wikitude using Titanium Studio. I experienced something strange with my app on iOS, that isn't that bad on Android.

I'm currently testing my app with my iPad (3rd generation, first to have retina display). I know that the camera on this particular model isn't great, but it is far worse inside the App than using the native camera app, the autofocus and everything works, but even when focused the image appears quite blurry and so the iPad really struggles to recognize the QR Codes from an angle where my Nexus 5 has no problems at all.


Is there any fix or any tweak where i can set the resolution the App shoud use?


Thanks in advance,


Hi Marco,
You're not able to change the video resolution the Wikitude SDK should use. Can you make sure that the lense on your iPad is not damaged? The video image should not be blurry. Can you post a screenshot which shows the 'blurry video'?

Since you mentioned that you're using QR codes as target images I want to tell you that QR codes are not well suited as target images. Our tracking engine is build to detect 'natural 2d featrues' and not artificial marker. But this is only a marginal note.

Best regards

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