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Camera surface is reversed when keyboard is opened

Camera surface is reversed when keyboard is opened


I am making a wikitude world for wikitude browser with a text field so as to filter the world content. I have managed to achieve it but there is a problem. When the keyboard opens to write into text field then the camera preview surface is upside-down. Also, when I move the device a little bit the keyboard closes by itself and it is difficult to write the whole word. Is there any special command in ARchitect to avoid such a behaviour? (Tested in Android 4.1.2, Samsung S3 and S3 mini).


Dimitrios Ververidis




Hi there!

This is in fact not expected behavior. Could you please post a link to a sample so we can check internally.
You may also send over a the zipped World via e-mail to android (at) wikitude (dot) com.

Kind regards and thanks in advance,


I managed to found a solution:

on the <input type=text> field I added 

onfocus=" = false;" 

onblur =" = true;;"


and the problems are solved !


Dimitrios Ververidis 
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