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Highlight nearest POI

Highlight nearest POI


Currently, I am showing address of my POI in status div at bottom of the page. If I have multiple POIs, I show the address of the closest POI.

Now, I would like to highlight that POI which is closest. I am running one function every second to check for nearest POI and show the address in status div.

Can I change my background image after POIs are already loaded?

I am using AR.ImageDrawable. So, I can change the opacity, but I can not change the background image.

Is there any way to highlight this?



Hello Nisha,

no, you can't exchange the AR.ImageResource for an AR.ImageDrawable when you already assigned one. You have to create a new AR.ImageResource and an AR.ImageDrawable for each of your markers with the new AR.ImageResource.

Among our examples which are delivered with our SDK have a look at the third example of the "Point Of Interest"-section (Multiple Pois). This should be exactly what you need. 

Hope that helps,
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