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Highlight nearest POI

Highlight nearest POI

Hello Nisha,

no, you can't exchange the AR.ImageResource for an AR.ImageDrawable when you already assigned one. You have to create a new AR.ImageResource and an AR.ImageDrawable for each of your markers with the new AR.ImageResource.

Among our examples which are delivered with our SDK have a look at the third example of the "Point Of Interest"-section (Multiple Pois). This should be exactly what you need. 

Hope that helps,


Currently, I am showing address of my POI in status div at bottom of the page. If I have multiple POIs, I show the address of the closest POI.

Now, I would like to highlight that POI which is closest. I am running one function every second to check for nearest POI and show the address in status div.

Can I change my background image after POIs are already loaded?

I am using AR.ImageDrawable. So, I can change the opacity, but I can not change the background image.

Is there any way to highlight this?


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