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Load 3D in geo layer

Load 3D in geo layer

You can do that by modifying the onclick trigger of your GeoObject and then enable/disable the 3D Model - set the enabled property of your AR.Model to true of false. 

I no need to load 3D model directly to geo point, but when i click any location point then i need to load 3D model

I'm using wikitude sdk for phoneGap. 

Hi Raj,

are you creating our own app with the Wikitude SDK or are you using other formats like ARML or KML? Can your clarify?

Kind regards

You mean, just i need to load the index.html is enough? or what should i do after download the 3d_geo from your link?



yes it is possible to load a 3D model at a geo-location. There is a very basic sample how to assign a 3D model to a geo-location on GitHub. This can be your starting point.

Is it possible to load the 3D model in Geo layer app? I can able to get geo location and display text. But i need to load 3D when click of the any location. Does it possible?
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