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Hello people i am working with android and videodrawable. I´m new in this. I want to know if when I touch the video  it can see in a full Screen of my phone. If it is possible can you explain me please.

Here is my code for the button in the video:

 this.imgButton = new AR.ImageResource("assets/btnwww.jpg");

    // Crear la imagen del segundo video

     videoj = new AR.VideoDrawable("assets/jimador.mp4", 0.80, {

       offsetX: 0.1,

       offsetY: 0.1



  var pageOneButton2 = this.createWwwButton(url, 0.1, {

      offsetX: -0.30,

      offsetY: -0.30,

      zOrder: 1



in which part of the code can i put the lines to tell me or convert the video in  full screen. In the first or in the second part:


   createWwwButton: function createWwwButtonFn(url, size, options) {

    options.onClick = function() {

          if (videoj.playing) {


        } else {







    return new AR.ImageDrawable(this.imgButton, size, options);


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