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New Activity after playing Video?

New Activity after playing Video?

Hi Pranav

For an easy experience with Glass I recommend you to use the onEnterFieldOfVision of your AR.Trackable2DObject.
You may check the overall Idea of architectsdk:// links in the "Native POI detail page"-sample in the default Android Samples.

Basic concept:
1) Recognize Target
2) Launch Activity with details about the recognized object
3) user may go back at any time and you have full control in native environment

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I am working on this Google glass app which uses the wikitude api to perform image recognition. After a print media which has a video associated with it has been recognized, I am displaying a web-page which has a button.On click of the button, I want to start a new Activity(basically, I want to start the glass camera to allow the user to click a picture). Since all the image recognition operations are taking place in javascript(as given in the example sdk), how do I start a new activity on click of a particular button on this web-page. 



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