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POI with label

POI with label

Have you modified the sample in any way? Is anything showing up at all? If not please check the reported device's location (AR.context.onLocationChanged) and the POI locations (AR.GeoLocation), it might just be that you are too far away from the POIs.

Is anything else showing up on the screen or in the log output?


I am testing the example shows a label on a point of interest, but no label is not displayed. 





          <script src="architect://architect.js"></script>

          <script src="js/marker.js"></script>    

          <script type="text/javascript" src="js/poiwithlabel.js"></script>



    <body >

          <div data-role="page" id="page1" style="background: none;" >

          <div data-role="footer" class="ui-bar" data-theme="f" data-position="fixed" style="text-align:center;">

          <a style="text-align:right;" id="popupInfoButton" href="#popupInfo" data-rel="popup" data-role="button" class="ui-icon-alt" data-inline="true" data-      transition="pop" data-icon="alert" data-theme="e" data-iconpos="notext">Log</a> </p>


          <div data-role="popup" id="popupInfo" class="ui-content" data-theme="e" style="max-width:350px;">

                 <p style="text-align:right;" id="status-message">Trying to find out where you are</p>

          </div>  </div>   </div>


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