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I'm new in Wikitude.

I'm new in Wikitude.

Hi Ricard,

The easiest way to see your POIs in Augmented Reality is reusing the Wikitude SDK-Sample application, delivered together with the SDK in the Wikitude Download section.
You may then have a closer look at the Wikitude Android SDK documentation and check recommended approaches to fetch POI data via JSON (XML is way slower in parsing compared to JSON).

You can then create your own application by removing the samples you don't require or paste the relevant parts into your existing project.


In case you want to augment magazines or other 2D objects have a look at Wikitude Studio, which even allows you to download the full auto-generated Android project.

To get rid of the watermarking you have to get a license key that matches you package-identifier (e.g. "") using the Wikitude WebStore

Kind regards,


I started with wikitude yesterday. Now I have the Android Manifest, but still don't know what to do with it. All I want to do, at the time, is an app that shows som points of interest in my city. I allready have my icon and getting ready th KML.


Please, help me. 
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