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POI Moving Under Legs

POI Moving Under Legs

So we're Beta on our app and I'm getting alot of screen shots back showing POI markers and labels are actually sticking to the floor or fround as people get closer to them. They appear to start moving from dead center on the horizon, down to the road or floor at about 800 meters. by the time you're at 300 meters away you're looking down at the ground to see the marker and the marker text.  What we want is for all teh markers to remain on the horizon and just zoom in as we get closer. how can we acheive this? is there an example with this? BTW we're using latest SDK and compiling for android.

Thanks for any help you can offer. 

Hi there!

Your feature is related to the clustering post.

In case you want to use static value 0 for the user's altitude you have to customize the architetView.setLocation function in your Android code (Ensure 4th altitude param is always set to 0.0f).
Also have a look at Wikitude's AR.context JavaScipt properties, here you can customize e.g. the scaling factor.

Note: In case altitude is not set or not available (as in WiFi positioning) the altitude of all AR.GeoObjects is ignored

Kind regards,

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