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Reduce Aliasing

Reduce Aliasing


I had a look to previus post but seems that nobody faced this problem (or at least it was not well explained).

So basically I have a large 3d Object in my view. When I render this object a bad aliasing-effect is displayed as well (fig1 in attachment). Is there any strategy to reduce it? Please consider that I've used already MIPMAPPING with good result in the overall result but without resolving the aliasing problem.




what devices are you rendering this on? Have you tried different devices?

A complete screenshot would help as well to see the whole effect.


Hi Wolfgang,

The screenshot was taken on an android tab but please consider that the effect is more or less the same also on iPad2 (it is just a little bit better).

Please find in attachment the screenshot (it is not really the same but give to you the overall effect).


MSAA (Multisample antialiasing) is currently done on non-retina iphone's. iPads, retina devices and all android devices do not use this technique. This decision has been made to free up resources needed elsewhere. However at the current stage we want to reinvestigate if combined with performance optimizations that happend conituously this is something we want to do on more devices.

At the moment however this is how it is rendered. Please stay tuned for updates on this in future releases.
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