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What do young people think about wearable computing / technology?

What do young people think about wearable computing / technology?
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Without a doubt, wearable technology is the most prevailing topic in early 2014. Call it out on its hype, but it stands to reason this trend will not only stay with us, but become integrated into society and useful in everyday life.
Wearables represent a wide range of category that includes - fitness trackers, smartwatches, smart glasses, military gadgets, interactive clothing like tattoos and even ingestible pills that collect data while wandering our inner body parts. In the near future, people will embellish their lives with wearable gadgets. A cloud filled with abundant of information will float around them including details of their sleeping habits, what they ate for lunch, whom they met, what plans do they have in coming week, month or year as well as their health updates like heart rate, sugar level, blood pressure and much more. Undoubtedly, companies will be taking leverage of consumer's goldmine data like Insurance companies will likely use the data to adjust their policies and offerings, marketers will likely harvest the personalized data to market their products and much more. But still a lot of questions arises like - Is wearable technology really the next big thing? Is it the next category of technology that will change the way we live? Let's take an even closer look on Wearable Technology and its snazzy gadgets.
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