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What is the process of developing and launching a successful mobile app?

What is the process of developing and launching a successful mobile app?
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Every app is  different, but tried and tested mobile app development process ensure that your  app is a success. That means it?s delivered on time, it?s bug-free, and it does  everything it?s supposed to do. Let's take a look  into the steps to follow while developing a mobile  app: 

Assessment of the  tasks

Understand the  details

Analyze your  audience

Compose use  cases

Competitor Analysis

Search through blog  content

Explore the app  store

Give competitive products a  try

Search for inspiration and interface  mechanics

Look at Scoutzie, Dribbble  and Behance

Stay up-to-date on recent articles and  design concepts

Explore other devices and  platforms

Combine your  findings

As a result of your search, you will  inevitably end up with a mountain of articles, photos, screenshots and most  important reviews. Now, put all of that away for a few days and then sit down  and think, how could you combine the most successful mechanics and interfaces,  ideas and concepts, while not forgetting to pay attention to whether users are  praising or dissing these products. Could you do it? Great, let?s go on  then.

Eliminate Overhead

Remove Secondary functions : The first version of the product should  have only the most important ones, and everything else could be saved for the  consecutive releases.

Do  your best on the primary functions: Focus on the  primary functions and polish them - all the critical functions of the product  shall work perfectly. Spend as much time on this part as necessary, but remember  to stay focus on the core product.

Compare with the original goal: It?s really easy to get carried away  while working on a design projects. As you?re doing the creative work, always  keep in mind the business objective, the audience and the personas. If  everything is going as originally planned, carry on. If not, now is a good time  to correct the course.

Compare with the platform guidelines : Spend some  time to compare if your designs comply with the platform?s guidelines: corner  radiuses, angle of light and shadows, font size and many other minor details  that impact the look and feel of a product, many of these are very different  between the platforms. Your goal should be to make the most beautiful and well  functioning application ever known to mankind. Right? Then be sure to do the  right thing.

Test the prototypes

Test the prototypes on your  devices

Give it a go, on multiple  screens

Focus on Details

Think through the  animations

Pick action  sounds

Add little  pleasures

Beta test the product and perform the  design review

Be an active participant in the  development stage

Participate in beta  testing

Compare the developed product to the  original designs

Don?t be afraid to append and change the  product along the way

Gather Reviews

Read everything people say about the app  in press

Follow the  blogs

Show off your work

Professional design networks will help  you collect a number of peer opinions about your product. They will point out  your flaws, which others weren?t able to see.

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