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camera shows reversed / mirror image

camera shows reversed / mirror image

Hi there everyone, 

has anybody encountered this problem where the image that is being captured by the camera is reversed / mirror image of the actual thing. i have read so far issues with orientation or image captured is flipped or rotated 90 degrees but mine is in reversed. 

i am currently using an ac ryan tablet link for details (

i am also using just the sdk that was downloaded from the site. haven't done any changes yet.

any ideas what might have caused it?

I think it's a problem with this particular device. Does it happen always?

Can you check if other applications using the camera have the same problem?

I've read the specification of this device and could not find anything relevant.

Hi there,

thank you for the prompt reply. it seems that it is a problem with this particular device. i tried installing it in 3 other android devices, 1 same model and had the same reversed output but when i installed it in my phone and another tablet (both samsung devices) it seems to be working properly. so it might be safe to assume that it is indeed a problem in this particular device. 

thanks anyway. will just be developing using other android devices.
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