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AR support on Mobile web page

AR support on Mobile web page
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I want to have augmented reality support on my mobile web page. I have a button in my html mobile page, clicking on that should scan an image using device camera and launch a particular video to play. Is it possible using Wikitude? 

I have clicked on "Start trial" from this link, and then created a sample project. I have added a Target image and respective video uploaded. I want to integrate into my html page now. I have downloaded a project which exported as "self hosting", from this process. When I test the index.html page created from this project through my iPhone safari browser, nothing happens.

Could someone suggest, how to integrate wikitude AR support into an existing html mobile web page? And, when I launch this page on my iPhone safari browser how it is launching camera and scanning and then playing the respective video?

Thank you and Appreciate your help!

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