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1) If I want to recognize different object in a single 3DMap, in which all the different objects are consider individually. Is it feasible? (e.g. If we create 3D map of land line phone so can we differentiate different part of it such as a receiver will be one object, number pad will be another, cable will be one of the object)


2)Is it possible to add dynamic image tracking ?(e.g If user press speaker-Phone button of land line phone and Red LED starts  blinking.Dose Blinking get recognize by AR? If so, how we can implement this feature ?)


3)If we have multiple lights on a dash board out of that only single light  is blinking .So is it possible to detect that single light ?

Hi there!

Our current Image Recognition engine is specifically designed to recognize and track 2D planar objects (books, paintings, cd covers) in the current view of the camera. The use case you are describing has different requirements for the recognition algorithm and as in your case you want to recognize and track 3D objects this may not lead to satisfactory results. Alas this is currently a big research topic, but as of right now only prototypical solutions exist.

hope that helps,

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