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PhoneGap app with wikitude plugin crashes on iPad Air

PhoneGap app with wikitude plugin crashes on iPad Air

I'm working on a web app that also works on iPad inside of phonegap. And we use Wikitude plugin to display complex dynamic HTML content in AR. Currently I'm using the latest version of both Cordova (3.4.1) and Wikitude plugin. It works great on iPad 4. But on iPad Air with ios 7.0.4, it loads the AR camera with no problem, but crashes whenever pointing the camera to the marker. And I find out from the crash report that it crashed during the call of the following function:

0x00000001000ef2a0 - + 372

Have you encountered such problems? or do you have any ideas what's wrong?



Does anyone can help me on this issue? Thanks. 

Hi Eric,
We're not aware of any problems with the iPad Air in particular. Does the crash also occur when you change the type of drawable? For instance try to create an AR.Circle and see if it's also crashing. Does the crash always occur or only under certain circumstances?

Best regards


As I investigate deeper into the issue, I think it might not be wikitude related too. We are having really complex JS/HTML stuff in phonegap's webview as well as the HtmlDrawable web view. And something makes the IOKit component in iOS consumming large mounts of memory and crashes the app. I will try to fix that issue first and see if there's more crashes related.

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