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What are the biggest challenges faced by mobile app developers?

What are the biggest challenges faced by mobile app developers?

With the increase in number of mobile applications every day, the number of challenges faced by mobile app developers is also increasing. Let's discuss few of them here.

1. Insecurity:Enterprise apps are more important than any other apps because the data inside the app is highly confidential,which can be accessed and misused by anyone if the device gets lost or stolen. Hence, one of the highly faced and discussed issues in mobile app development is insecurity.

2. Platform Dependence: As of now,  Android and iOS are ruling the market. But there are multiple platforms to develop mobile applications and different skills are needed to build different applications on those multiple platforms. Most importantly, there are more than one devices for all platforms. To develop a kink free code for an application, it is required that developer must be highly skilled and be able to develop applications that support variety of platforms as well as devices.

3. Application is not getting discovered :  The most important step for getting good downloads is promotion. You have developed a good app, but still it is not earning downloads. This happens due to lack of promotion. If users do not know that an app exists, there is no chance of getting high number of downloads. Discussing about your app on social networking website is the easiest option to promote an app. Here are a few Tips for making your mobile app more discoverable .

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