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wikitude use case for titanium app

wikitude use case for titanium app

Hi, I am a Titanium developer. I should create an application similar to this

Wikitude has APIs that allow you to do that?



Thanks for your request.

The Wikitude SDK allows you to place 3D models on particular geospatial positions, based on latitude and longitude. We do not offer any specific APIs to render elevation models.

For you, that means that you can implement your use case with the Wikitude SDK to a certain extent, but it would require creating 3D models of the elevation data, covering the entire area that you want to cover with your application.

To be very honest, if you are looking for a global elevation rendering API, the Wikitude SDK might not be the right tool for you.



Hello Martin, thanks for the quick reply. I believe that 3D models already exist and that will be automatically downloaded from a server, according to the current position. At the moment I do not know, however, what is the format of 3D images.


Our Wikitude 3D Encoder accepts .fbx and .dae files (fbx is preferred). Let me know what 3D model file you get from the servers once you know it.

However, saying this, the Encoder is not an online tool, we do not offer a web API for it, so you would have to manually preprocess the files first.


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