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ScreenCapture & ImagePathInBundle

ScreenCapture & ImagePathInBundle

The changes are now available on Github.

This has been implemented and will be available soon on our github repository.
Hi there!

I just forwarded the issue to the SDK team.
Unfortunately currently screenshots made with the plugin are always stored in the default externalStorage.
You adjust your and chage the line
final File imageDirectory = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory();
accordingly as a workaround.

SDK team will reply to the post once a release date for the fix is available.

Kind regards,

I have a new problem with wikitude and my app.
1. When I capture the screen I can view the AR markers (Markers from example), the code is:

tomarFoto: function(){
        foliiAR.wikitudePlugin.captureScreen(false, null, foliiAR.onScreenCaptured, foliiAR.onScreenCapturedError);

How I can do to make the capture screen, do not show me AR marks?

2. I have Motorola Moto G, instead of null, how I can do to save screen captures in a folder named folii?
Try to do this but does not work:

tomarFoto: function(){
        foliiAR.wikitudePlugin.captureScreen(false, "/storage/emulated/0/Folii", foliiAR.onScreenCaptured, foliiAR.onScreenCapturedError);

and other option:
tomarFoto: function(){
        foliiAR.wikitudePlugin.captureScreen(false, "/storage/sdcard0/Folii", foliiAR.onScreenCaptured, foliiAR.onScreenCapturedError);

Still saving the images in:
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