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Wikitude Google glass SDK - Recognize real life objects

Wikitude Google glass SDK - Recognize real life objects

I am developer trying to develop an application for google glass. I wanted to know if its possible to recognize real life objects using Wikitude for glass


For example, if a move my glass camera on a real life apple fruit, it should show me a 3d model of an apple. Likewise any objects that I focus my cam on need to be displayed.


Can you guys tell me how to go about this? Is this possible currently?

Hi there!

Our current Image Recognition engine is specifically designed to recognize and track 2D planar objects (books, paintings, cd covers) in the current view of the camera. The use case you are describing has different requirements for the recognition algorithm and is not supported by our SDK. This is currently a big research area in the computer vision community in general, but for now only prototypical solutions exist.


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