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Screen capture error on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Screen capture error on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

When we use the Screen Capture function in our phonegap app, the picture has a black background and not the view of the camera.

At first we got a "deviceNotSupported", since the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 does NOT have NEON support, so we skipped the hasNeonSupport() in to get the app to start.

Apart from the screen capture issue, the app works as expected, we are only using GEO and no IR.

Any help or hints will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Henrik!

Please let me know if you're using the latest plugin/SDK as there were improvements in screen-capture implementation in the latest release.
Does the provided screen capture sample in the Plugin Sample app work as expected?

Kind regards & Thanks for your help

Hi Andreas.

Yes, we are using the latest plugin/SDK.

The sample app does not work either - only the overlayed graphics are captured on a black background, no camera view.

Just to clarify:

The app works fine on a Galaxy Tab 2 and a Galaxy Note 2014.

Both have a cpu with NEON support.

Hi Henrik.

Thanks for the hint. The snapshot feature is in fact not working on non NEON-devices, because of technical limitations. This is a known issue, even in latest SDK 3.3.1.
I created a case for this behavior but I cannot provide date of an SDK version with non-Neon-Snapshot support.
Meanwhile please disable the snapshot feature for non-Neon devices.

Kind regards,

Hi Andreas.

Thanks for the update.

We look forward to non-Neon-Snapshot and will disable screen capture for the time being.

Kind regards,
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