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Open Call for Devs (AWE 2014)

Open Call for Devs (AWE 2014)
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Dear Developers -

Announcing and open call for AR developers to participate in City Visions at the Augmented World Expo that takes place in Santa Clara, CA May 27-29.

City Visions is an open challenge for augmented reality developers to think critically about the future of augmented urban landscapes and, in doing so, design working proof of concept applications. We invite you to work as futurists and use the provided composite mural image as the tracking target, and the canvas upon which you will build your augmented experience. The huge mural will be located in a high traffic and very visible area on the AWE premises. The challenge is particularly focused on augmented visions of the future city in the areas of architecture, transportation, and art. However, this is a crowd-sourced campaign designed to draw from the wisdom, creativity, and insight of the collective, so please feel free to push the envelope in terms of meaningful and interesting ways that the future digital city may emerge.

The audience will vote for their preferred augmentations (in the AWE mobile app) and the winners will receive sponsored prizes such as Digital Eyewear.

The event is around the corner, so please submit your idea through the website form asap!


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