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HtmlDrawable drag event

HtmlDrawable drag event


I've been looking at the SDK samples (for Android) and was particularly interested in the image recognition/html drawable example. I know that there is a 

clickThroughEnabled property which can forward the clicks to the HTML content inside the HtmlDrawable. But what about dragging? Can a drag event be forwarded to the HTML content as well? 

Hi Sandra,

thanks for the question. The HTML Drawable at the moment only supports click events. Drag/Slide events are not forwarded at the moment. However this feature request is already very high up on our roadmap and I'm confident that it will be in one of the next 2 releases (several weeks away).

All the best for your project.

Thank you for the information and looking forward to the next releases!

I was wondering about this...

Is it available in the 27.08.2015 release? If not, do you know if the feature will be available in the next release and when will it be on call?

Hi Diana,

unfortunately this feature wasn't implemented yet, and currently is not on the roadmap either.

Best regards,
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