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Wikitude and sencha app sample app stuck

Wikitude and sencha app sample app stuck

We haven't done any work with Sencha directly, but can you elaborate where exactly you are stuck? What is the error message or what does not work as expected?

This developer in this thread also works with Sencha and I had the impression, that he got it working.

Hello, i want to integrate sencha touch / architect using wikitude phonegap, i just want to create the sample app of sencha that load the image recognition (i'm using source from . i've checked the both forums (wikitude and sencha) but didn't find anything useful.

What i've done so far:

-created the source directory (architecture directory for sencha + wikitude phonegap)

-tested the sencha app and phonegap (it's working)

-tested the phonegap and wikitude sample app (it's working)

-tried to combine those sencha + phonegap + wikitude (stuck)


Did anyone has a tutorial or sample demo project using wikitude that has integrate it with sencha successfully?  Thanks

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