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GEO- WIKITUDE / the plugin for PhoneGap

GEO- WIKITUDE / the plugin for PhoneGap

Dear WIKITUDE team.

I would like to request your help to solve some problems I 've had in trying to implement the " GEO- WIKITUDE " tool in your version of the plugin for PhoneGap .
I have successfully installed the plugin for PhoneGap , iOS version.
I have read all the documentation provided on the website: # local
I have done downloading the examples that you give in:
I have begun working with the elements of RETRIEVING POI DATA / FROM A LOCAL RESOURCE. Following the instructions step by step documentation, obtaining assign Latitude and Longitude "My points of interest" (POI) in the file: myJsonData.js.

Also comment out the following line of code fromLocalResource.js file:

var = Helper.bringPlacesToUser poisNearby ( myJsonData , lat , lon );

Replacing it with the following line of code:

World.loadPoisFromJsonData ( myJsonData ) ;

Despite having followed all of these steps have the following problems:
1) Can not locate a POI in a real position. I get as result a point following my position, even if I move to another place other than that specified.
2) When you enter the position of the markers in the file: myJsonData.js. The markers have lost their original height and displayed on the floor.
3) I was unable to customize the content that can be included on each marker. For example : a marker with the name "one" select a video file , while the marker with the name "Two " select an audio file .
I appreciate your time and attention to my doubts. Along with congratulating the good work they have done to create the SDK WIKITUDE.Also I apologize if my written English is not clear.I remain yours

1) the changes you outlined should be enough to create markers for real locations. How far have you moved? If an wifi positioning is used and you have not moved far enough you might still be using the same location.

2) Altitude (=height) is not taken into account if the location is not accurate enough. For an accurate position you will need a good GPS signal. If that is not available all markers will be drawn on the same level.

3) For this you will need to call a different function from

e.g. when creating the marker pass in a function that you then call from the onClickTrigger (see link above).

Let me know if you have further questions.

Hi Wolfgang


I give up .. I followed your instructions, I have read the documentation and I have reviewed the forum WIKITUDE, but I can not properly display my POI: in all the tests carried out my markers are displayed on the floor and not anchored at latitude and certain length. Always appear together, near my feet, but change my location and move me several miles from where the position.


Also told him that I tried to position markers in several examples, from the most basic (3_PointOfInterest_2_PoiWithLabel) to complex with multiple POI (5_BrowsingPois_2_AddingRadar) but the error is the same, the markers are not positioned at a latitude and specified length and displayed floor.


To rule out an error in my coordinates (latitude and longitude), I checked my location and the location of the markers with this function:


AR.context.onLocationChanged = function (lat , lon , alt, acc)

                             {Alert ( "lat :" + lat + " , lon :" + len) } ;


But the problem persists ...


For this reason, I ask for your help,urgent, please ! I'd like to revise my code to see if there are errors. I am working on the example 4_ObtainPoiData_2_FromLocalResource PhoneGap plugin in IOS, Iphone 4s platform. Also included (attached) some screenshots that my problem was understood.


Sorry if my English is not very clear.

I appreciate your time and help with my problem.







The screen shots aren't working, can you repost them?

Just to clarify:

- you checked with onLocationChanged trigger. What location was reported by it? What location are you creating the POIs at?
- To rule out any bad device error, have you tried on a different device? What device are you using?
- Our samples are working, so if you haven't changed anything and it isn't displaying the markers correctly, I suspect a device specific problem.



Hola Wolfgang,

reenvío de capturas de pantalla y ejemplos archivo zip estoy trabajando. 


- Sí, confirmar mi ubicación con función OnLocationChanged y correcta. 

- La ubicación de los mapas de Google get 

- Los dispositivos probados están iphone 4, 4s y 5c (ios7) plug-in para phonegap 


apreciado si usted podría ver mi proyecto (zip) y capturas de pantalla adjuntas. 

muchas gracias por su tiempo



Did you make any changes to the example and if so, which ones?

Changes made according to instructions in the documentation # local


Consist of:


1) Include in my POI file myJsonData.js

var myJsonData = ;




2) Link to index.html myJsonData.js my architecture to make it available :

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/myJsonData.js"> </script>



3) In the archive fromLocalResource.js discuss the following lines in the requestDataFromLocal function : function requestDataFromLocalFn ( lat , lon ) :

// var poisNearby = Helper.bringPlacesToUser (myJsonData , lat , lon );
// World.loadPoisFromJsonData (poisNearby) ;


 and add the following line :

World.loadPoisFromJsonData (myJsonData);



Final result of the function is:


// request POI data

requestDataFromLocal: function requestDataFromLocalFn(lat, lon) {

//var poisNearby = Helper.bringPlacesToUser(myJsonData, lat, lon);






those are all the changes. These can be checked at the zip attachment.


thanks for your help

I've checked your posted code and the locations which seem to be correct. According to the screenshots it looks like the SDK gets a location with an altitude that is above the points.

Have you checked the altitude that is reported in AR.context.onLocationChanged(lat,lon,alt,acc) --> alt paramter. Are you injecting a custom location?

Hi Wolfgang 


I worked the code according to your instruction and has been fine. Markers now display correctly. 


I have only one question. 

As I could restrict my POI within a 1 km radius? 

Because my POIs are displayed That are located up to 12 km. of away 


Thank you very much for your time and help 

Continued contact.

you can use

AR.context.scene.cullingDistance = 1000;

This will restrict the viewing distance to 1 km.

The default value is 50000 (=50km) and you can find the documentation for this in the JavaScript API reference included with the SDK.

Hi Wolfgang 


I worked the code according to your instruction and it worked well. 

Thank you very much for your time and help.

hi Romina 

Sorry I have the same problem as you and I do not know how to fix it could you say as it has solved

Hi Assiel,

The issue mentioned by Romina seemed to have been resolved. Can you please provide further details on your issue (including screenshots, relevant code snippets, details on which devices this occurs, version# of the SDK).

Thx and greetings

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