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Wikitude 3.3.0 and PhoneGap Plugin

Wikitude 3.3.0 and PhoneGap Plugin

I've porting my project from 3.2.1 to 3.3.0 (in order to solve the sound issue on sdcard).

Everything works fine, but sometimes it crashes (i can reproduce it everytime but i don't know what is the issue).

It happens on GT-P5110 android 4.1.1 but it works well on Nexus 5 with 4.4.2

I'm trying to update the android version of the GT-P5110 in order to try if it's a matter of android.


EDIT: It crash even with 4.1.2 on GT-P5110

I can't find any exception in this log file, can you give me more information about the crash?

Which features of the SDK and plugin are you using in your application? 3D objects? Videos? Image recognition? Geolocalization?

Take a look at the very last line: "A/libc(10082): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x00000000 (code=1), thread 10135 (Thread-746)".

After that, the application crashes.


I'm using geolocalization and videos but when it crashes there isn't any video playing.


If you see, before the crash, you've got some 


04-11 12:52:46.445: W/GraphicBufferMapper(10082): registerBuffer(0x5efd3a90) failed -14 (Bad address)

04-11 12:52:46.500: W/GraphicBufferMapper(10082): registerBuffer(0x6663fd80) failed -14 (Bad address)

04-11 12:52:46.554: W/GraphicBufferMapper(10082): registerBuffer(0x5f104248) failed -14 (Bad address)

04-11 12:52:46.609: W/GraphicBufferMapper(10082): registerBuffer(0x5d6fcf98) failed -14 (Bad address)

04-11 12:52:46.656: W/GraphicBufferMapper(10082): registerBuffer(0x64347fa0) failed -14 (Bad address)

04-11 12:52:46.695: W/GraphicBufferMapper(10082): registerBuffer(0x6421a2e0) failed -14 (Bad address)

04-11 12:52:46.742: W/GraphicBufferMapper(10082): registerBuffer(0x67538f88) failed -14 (Bad address)

04-11 12:52:46.781: W/GraphicBufferMapper(10082): registerBuffer(0x671af198) failed -14 (Bad address)

04-11 12:52:46.820: W/GraphicBufferMapper(10082): registerBuffer(0x600ec998) failed -14 (Bad address)

04-11 12:52:46.867: W/GraphicBufferMapper(10082): registerBuffer(0x64215300) failed -14 (Bad address)


I haven't this messages on a Nexus 5, maybe this could be useful for you.

Ok, thank you for the information, this could be hard to reproduce but I'll have a look at it.

If you have other logs (maybe form another device with different error messages) please post them.

If you want i could give a teamviewer access in order to debug it.

I think it could be the best approach, isn't it?

Hi, in order to debug this problem it would be better if we had some sample source code and an explanation about how to reproduce the bug.

Can you send some snippets of code so that we can reproduce the behaviour while debugging the library?

I can't send only some snippets because i don't which is the part of code that causes the issue.

Probably i have to send you all the project.

What is your policy about this procedure? We need to sign a sort of NDA?

We have fixed various video-related problems in our latest SDK.

If the issue is still relevant, could you please test with the latest release of the PhoneGap plugin?
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