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Issue in Apple using Location Services

Issue in Apple using Location Services


We published the app in the App Store and this are one of the Apple's Comments Below:


Furthermore, we found that your app uses location data for features that are not relevant to location, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

User would be prompted to enable location service while trying to activate games using the camera. 

It would be appropriate to evaluate your app concept to see if you can include location-specific features or revise your app to not collect, transmit, or use users' location data.

For app design information, check out the videos: "The Ingredients of Great Apps" and ?Designing User Interfaces for iPhone and iPad Apps,? available on the iOS Developer Center, and the iOS Human Interface Guidelines in particular, the sections, "Great iOS Apps Embrace the Platform and HI Design Principles" and "Human Interface Principles".


We do not use Location Services since we don't have the GEO feature in the app. How can I turn off accessing Location Data Features since it has nothing to do with the user's location. Thanks.

Using the latest SDK 3.3 you can turn Geo AR off by initializing the view with an AR mode of  WTAugmentedRealityMode_IR.

See for iOS:

For PhoneGap change this line: to

this._augmentedRealityMode = "IR";


This turns off the location requesting and should get you through the approval process.

Hi Wolfgang,

I found out that I already changed it to IR prior to uploading to the App Store. Also when the camera is opened by wikitude, it still asks for permission to use my location. I use Phonegap.





Are you using the latest SDK (3.3)?

I use 3.2.1

Hi Miguel,

please update to the latest 3.3 SDK, which includes the IR only mode and disables sensor usage.

Blog entry about SDK 3.3 | Full release notes | Download

Hi Phillip,


I have already downloaded the latest SDK. Do I need to reinstall the SDK using PhoneGap so I can disable sensor usage? I have done these:


 this._arMode = "IR"; = false;


But still it asks for the location on the first run of the app. Thanks.


yes you need to update the PhoneGap Plugin as well, as it contains the updates SDK library. As plugman does not offer an update method we advise to do the followin

Make a safe-copy of your entire project

Uninstall the plugin

Re-install the plugin

Then add this to your project - note the name of the  property changed from arMode to augmentedRealityMode

this._augmentedRealityMode = "IR"; // "IR" for image recognition worlds only, "Both" if you want to use both



Where and what would i need to add in my Titanium build, can't get it to work, module is 3.3.1 and also checked in my .xml file


Thanks a lot,


somewhere in your JavaScript code, the snippet 'new ARchitectWindow(WikitudeLicenseKey, "IrAndGeo");' appears. SImply replace "IRAndGeo" with "IR".
Hint: In our sample application this snippet appears in the file SmaplesListWindow.js line 52.

Best regards

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