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Avoid overlapping of POIs

Avoid overlapping of POIs

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Please advise on a simple method to avoid overlapping of POIs. The yelp app using wikitude is handling this. I would like to know how to do that. Thanks.

Hi Anand,

Please have a look at this forums post - which should help you solve the clustering problem. Please also check out the .js file provided by Andreas in this post.



I am using the clustering.js file and it works well. But sometimes (rarely), there is some issue in the clustering code and the AR view fails to show any data as a result. Please let me know if there is a fail-safe version of the clustering.js file to overcome this issue. Thanks.

Hi Anand!

As highlighted in various other posts the provided clustering.js is just a very basic implementation to get an idea of what a solution may look like.
Please adjust and debug the JS in case it does not fit your needs and feel free to enhance it an discuss your outcome here.
E.g. think of horizontal & vertical clusterings combined with a way more sophisticated approach than the "slice 360 basic implementation".

Kind regards,

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