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Custom Heading and Location

Custom Heading and Location

Hi guys,

I intend to use Wikitude SDK to create an app that would use more precise values retrieved by the GPS and Heading.

What ways are there to inject my custom values (i.e. created by a custom made precision increasing algorithm) into Wikitude SDK / ARchitectWorld?

Thanks in advance.

While injection a custom location is possible we do not support to inject a custom heading. Out of curiosity what precision increasing algorithm are you thinking about?

Thank you for the reply.

Meanwhile, I've read somewhere in this forum ( that it was intended for the future releases of Wikitude. Can you confirm that this will be in the next release (either in Android Wikitude SDK or Titanium)? This will be a crucial feature that will determine if I'll be able to use Wikitude for my application.

I am thinking at first of ignoring values with low accuracy (thus acomplishing a different tradeoff between update rate and input quality). After that I can try smoothening the input variations with some statistical methods.

It was never intended, we have put it on our feature request list. We regularly refere to that list and idetify the features/issues that we want to tackle next. Therefore I cannot guarantee when or if it will be implemented.
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