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Use IR to detect objects in real life

Use IR to detect objects in real life
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Hey guys,

I am currently evaluating technologies to build an Android App that allows me to do the following: if a user moves within a room I want him to be able to point his cellphone camera to arbitrary objects in the room and I want to display additional information. Now I've checked all SDK examples (v 3.2.1) and built a prototype where I uploaded a highres image of an object in a room, created a target collection (with this one image, rated with 2 stars), started my App but obviously when I point my camera to the real object (that I used to create the image in the first place), nothing happens.

So, my general question is this: is it possible to realize my use case at all? From the examples it is mentioned that e.g. billboard ads can be detected, but those represent "complete" pictures in a specific lighting etc. Is wikitude capable of finding objects that are placed in front of different backgrounds than those that they were photographed with?

Thanks in advance

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