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Detect Swipe on Image

Detect Swipe on Image


I have an Image Drawable on my Scene which is a bottle. Now I want is when the user swipes to the right, it will spin to the right and when there is a left swipe, it will spin to the left. I can spin the bottle now. Is there a way to detect a swipe? Thanks!

Not at the moment but we have added it to the feature request list.

Currently a valid option is to detect the swipe natively (e.g. Swipe Recognizer in iOS) and forward the event to the AR experience by executing callJavascript(...)

Hi Wolfgang,

I have an HTML Drawable that has swipe detection in it. I load it in my Chrome for Android and it works fine. However, I load the HTML as htmldrawable and nothing happens. Is actions on HTML not supported? Thanks.

Unfortunately there is now swipe support at the moment for any of the AR drawables. The only option you currently have is to detect swipes natively on top of the Architect View, using e..g the Swipe Recognizer on iOS.

Swipping is on our feature request list.

Hi, is there any update on this in SDK 4.0 ? I'm creating an image gallery and need to detect left and right swipes to go next and previous on images.

Thanks very much

Hi Joee,
Unfortunately we don't support swipe gestures on individual drawables. You need to impl. your own gesture handling either using the native SDK (iOS SDK, Android SDK) or the JavaScript gesture API.

Best regards

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