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How to use Wikitude Studio in Self Hosting Mode

How to use Wikitude Studio in Self Hosting Mode
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We have used Wikitude IR based AR using version 2.0 (Vuforia plugin). Now we are trying to use Wikitude 3.1 and wtc based IR. We used Wikitude Studio - Added Target, created Image based Augmentation. Next when export is used and I get contents for both 

1. Self Hosting (

Downloaded the Project File-

2. Offline App

Downloaded both the Project File and the Android App Template

Imported the template into eclipse and build the apk.

Next went to Preview

Used Wikitude App and in the setting gave the url - IR works

Used the Android apk and did IR, it works

Now I have a phonegap based app, so I used the phonegap sample  - 1_ImageRecoginition_1_ImageOnTarget,  and replaced the from the default "" and let the overlay to be same as the one in the example (imageOne.png). The original example works even with both .wtc and .png retrieved from the hosted server. But it doesn't work with the replaced .wtc file

The following questions:

Why I am getting the project file as and not as .wtc file?

Do I need to use other contents from the zip file?

On the server am I supposed to put .zip file or .wtc file?

Always the project file is created with, can this be renamed?

We have to have the app running in next 2 days for a major event and we are struggling to get it working. We have Wikitude license for 2.0 for another app and have applied for the license of the latest version for the new app. But since we are not able to get the new IR working, we are unable to use the new license.  So it would a great help if you provide a solution at the earliest.





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